Coloured Glass Splashbacks for Kitchens and Bathrooms

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How to Measure for a Glass Splashback

Make sure your tape measure you are using is not damaged. Always ask a friend to help you with the measurements as this will also allow you to confirm the measurements with them. Write your measurements down and recheck the sizes two or more times. Always measure width first then height W x H. Take two measurements for each width (top &bottom) and hight (left & right) and use the smaller measurement. Allow 3mm off the width and height. Leaving you with measurements 3mm smaller than your tight measurements. This is because the glass industry works to a tolerance of +/- 2mm. So if the glass is 2mm too big the glass will still fit. The slight gap will be sealed with the free silicone sealant provided.


Socket Cutout

With a felt tip marker (make sure its a non permanent marker) measure and mark the centre of the socket both left to right and top to bottom with a light cross.

  • Measure from the cross to the nearest wall.
  • Measure from the work top to the cross.

Make a sketch and and add these dimensions.


Shaping for Cooker Hood

If you require a coloured or printed glass splashback that is not a standard square-cut shape, we can custom make the order to your specific requirements. For instance, if you would like the glass to be shaped to your cooker hood, just let us know the make and model, this can be found inside the filter compartment. We have a range of cooker hood digital templates to cover most brands. In addition to shaping glass to cooker hoods, we also have the facility to supply glass splashbacks with radius corners, tapered edges or notches to fit even the most awkward of areas.


Fitting the Glass Splashback Yourself?

The majority of glass splashbacks under 1000mm can be fitted by yourself with ease and we offer a choice of either tubes of clear low modular silicone adhesive or drill holes to affix your glass to the wall. Take care when unpacking your splashback from the parcel, make sure you do not to knock the edges or corners of the splashback on hard surface. Although our toughened glass is extremely strong a harsh impact to the glass may cause a chip or even cause the glass to shatter. When applying adhesive, simply apply blobs of the silicone approximately 50mm in from the edges of the rear of the splashback spacing 200mm apart. Gently push back to the wall until you can feel the silicone taking hold. Once in place allow the silicone to cure for 12 hours You can use silicone to seal around the edges. Any problems when unpacking your glass splashback or need a little help and advice then feel free to give us a call on 0191 3670067.


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